This is the age of modernization. People are in the state of hurry, whether it be eating food or earning money. Humans look for shortcuts or fast way to do it. But there are few places where nature would evolve at its own space to keep its beauty intact like plants. So to keep track of the evolving process a software /electronics engineer designed a device to measure the growth of plants , named it ‘Plant friends’

Plant friends is a combination of moisture, temperature and air sensor to monitor the best suitable climate and environment for plants to grow. It consist of raspberry pi, multiple sensor and some batteries which lasts for 18 months. it also has an app which shows all the reading in a beautiful manner on the mobile phone.

The device has been so amazingly designed that it looks more like a table art piece rather than electronic sensors for monitoring. The inventor is magically a UI/UX expert too. She took inspiration from one of her old robot art work she did few years ago and created a cute little friend for her plant. It has three different designs –The robot, The bunny and the dinosaur.


The device shows very minimum wires. The outer box and inner materials were created by laser cutting. It would notify you when you need to water the plant and if you need to change its surrounding depending on the temperature and air. On app temperature can be toggled between Celsius and Fahrenheit by tapping on the number. It shows the real time data and a chart that plots the averages for the past 5 days. On the basestation side, the Raspberry Pi runs a custom Python script to read the received data from the serial port and then inserts the data into a MySQL database.

If you love planting but always end up killing them eventually this device is for you.