World and its people have never stopped to amaze you. Nature has its own way to balance out things, one such story is of Newfoundland town of Gander during 9/11 terrorist attack.

While one place saw the most terrified face of humanity where other side the utmost act of kindness and hospitality.

Gander a town with 10,000 population with just 550 hotel rooms in Newfoundland in Canada. Served as refuelling stop for trans-atlantic flights.

After the attack the whole US was in blackout stage no flights were allowed to enter the US border and were instructed to land at the nearest airport immediately. Around 240 flights had to do emergency landing out of which 39 landed in Gander. Gander served 10,500 stranded travellers in the most organised manner.

All the flight passengers were taken of the plane one by one and were marked with redcross to differentiate them locals. Schools, colleges, churches everything were closed down to turn them into temporary residents. Students were serving as volunteers, helping passenger to send email to their loved ones. Local residents openly invited people to stay at their home and guest house. They would drive passengers to stores or wherever they want to roam. Every step were taken to turn their 3 days and 2 nights stay comfortable. As most them were devastated by the terror incident. The people of Lewisporte and the Salvation Army fed us three meals a day and provided countless blankets, toothbrushes and toiletries for the passengers on that flight. Everyone was extraordinarily thoughtful of each other. Plenty of grateful Americans who passed through Gander that day wrote letters of appreciation for their hospitality.

While leaving they got too familiar and started exchanging numbers. Passenger established many scholarships funds for school students of lewisports, Newfoundland.