Finding a job itself seems to be a pretty hefty job now a days. No matter whether its India or outside. Every recent graduate or people looking for career change can relate with me. People would have to wait months even more than a year to find a decent field job. I will talk from my experience of finding a job and working in India, as well as in Canada. I am quite straightforward abouty goals and enviornment I am looking for or want to create around me. I left my first job after 20 days without even asking for pay. Maybe one of the most important decision I made at that time. Thats the beauty of knowing yourself.

The 3-4 months after completing my course were the most difficult times of my life so far. Having no field job, hating my part time job at Walmart. would make you go through all the emotional turmiols you can imagine. I know many who made 50-60 applications everyday and now have a decent job. Not the job they enjoy but atleast getting paid. Finding a right match is really necessary whether it be an employee or employer side.

Be open about your mindset, job experience and type of work you have done or not done. Prepare up a story about yourself that makes you feel proud. The first question is always going to be ” So tell me about yourself.

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